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layers of fear
layers of fear
layers of fear, horror games



Layers of Fear was a game that I enjoyed playing so much. Normally I don’t like horror games, but the story of this game was really interesting. The story is the story of a very successful painter. I don’t want to give too much information about the story, because of spoilers. Throughout the story, we walk around the house of this artist, and as we walk around the house, we see the poor condition of the house and try to understand why.

As we visit the house, we return to different old memories and witness the changes in the house. Thanks to these changes, tension and fear come to the fore. We try to get why the artist’s house has become this, what is going on. Although Layers of Fear is a type of horror games, there is actually a depth hidden in its story and it has several different endings. The game has been critically acclaimed by game lovers.

The music of Layers of Fear was also very nice and reflected the game’s atmosphere very well. In the music, slow notes and piano notes were used at first. Later, the introduction of more different tones in the music made it very atmospheric. Although Layers of Fear is a horror game, tension and drama are also given with such music. The subject of the game is given in music. If you want to listen, I leave the main music of the game.

You can buy the game and other horror games from: HERE!

This game has also a PlayStation 4 version, you can buy it too. I will share another horror games, in the next articles. Good games.

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